New Skyrim high-poly garlic mod has way more optimized vertices than the last high-poly Skyrim garlic mod

The best garlic in Skyrim.
(Image credit: Bethesda and wskeever)

Finally: the mod of mods for Skyrim. See, this game has a big problem. Rough-angled, poorly textured, badly colourised garlic bulbs. It's a disgrace. Modders have previously attempted to address this issue but now here comes the real deal, Garlic: The Garlic mod.

Created by wskeever Garlic: A Garlic Mod addresses the two types of garlic found in the world of Skyrim. There's garlic sitting on plates, and garlic hanging together in braids. Bethesda's garlic is pisspoor to the extent it looks more like onions, with yellow-orange colouring and notable ridges across the surface.

What were you playing at, Todd? Did you really think this garlic was good enough for the gamers?

No longer must we suffer Bethesda's blocky bulbs, for this mod re-does all elements of the garlic bulbs. It re-textures the garlic surface, smoothes-out the polygons, adds a new texture map to the braids, and colorises the bulbs to the pinky whiteness they should have.

Witness garlic's glory in this comparison video:

You want to know just how good this garlic is? There's another mod to slightly reduce the size of the bulbs in VR. Wskeever really did think of everything. They've even done another vegetable, and tell me this isn't the best name for a mod ever: Scallions of Skyrim: High Polygon Leeks.

The best garlic in Skyrim.

(Image credit: Bethesda and wskeever)

This garlic mod replaces a previous high polygon garlic mod, which had the problem of being rather too high polygon and badly optimised. Can't be having that. Thus, this garlic mod optimises the hell out of the garlic's vertices: containing 232 vertices and 398 triangles for the garlic bulb compared to 7913 vertices and 9125 triangles for the high poly project's bulb; and 1857 vertices / 3184 triangles / one draw call for the garlic braid compared to 70754 vertices / 67872 triangles / four draw calls for the high poly project.

Take a bow wskeever: you truly optimised that garlic.

Skyrim modding seems as healthy as it's ever been, with a boatload of ambitious projects ongoing. There's a rich history in this scene and, if you want to know where to get started, here's our gargantuan guide to the best Skyrim mods. Who needs Starfield anyway.

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