New Knuckle Sandwich trailer has a cyclops running a puppy store

Knuckle Sandwich

I've always thought most RPGs would be better off with a cyclops running a puppy store, and in that regard, Knuckle Sandwich clearly delivers. Knuckle Sandwich is a very strange looking RPG, and one of my most anticipated indie games of this year ever since I got to play its demo/prequel Tarantula last August. We saw its first trailer back in October, and Shaun called it one of the most promising Australian games at PAX AU, but now we're getting a longer look at the actual gameplay of Knuckle Sandwich.

The latest trailer (seen above) introduces us to some more weird-nosed characters, as well as the slightly reworked look of the game's protagonist—who has a much cuter sprite than when I saw him last year. The teaser also highlights the nicer looking battle UI and animations, as well as some downright fantastic music. If Knuckle Sandwich didn't reminded me of Earthbound enough before, then that theme song in the city pretty much sealed the deal.

Knuckle Sandwich flew through Steam Greenlight in October, and creator Andrew Brophy expects Tarantula to be publicly available in the near future. We'll be sure to let you know when that happens.

Tom Marks
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