Knuckle Sandwich trailer pits man against giant, legged noses

Knuckle Sandwich header shopped

I got a chance to play Knuckle Sandwich (opens in new tab) in August and thought it looked and felt like a "grown-up" Earthbound (opens in new tab), which is nothing but a compliment. Now everyone else can see what I meant, as creator Andrew Brophy just released the game's first trailer as part of its launch on Steam Greenlight. Knuckle Sandwich is an incredibly weird RPG about working a terrible service job in a burger joint—though, from the looks of the turn-based battles against giant noses and zombies, I doubt the whole game will be spent slinging fast food.

You can find Knuckle Sandwich on Steam Greenlight here (opens in new tab), and read my full thoughts on the game right here (opens in new tab).

Tom Marks
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