The new PC games of 2018



May 2018 | Supergonk | Link

A joyfully creative indie racing game that combines F-Zero's hovercars with Splatoon's clever use of paint into a co-op racer. You and your teammates paint the track your color, and then earn boost for driving over that color. This prompts decisive moments every few seconds—is it better to focus on laying down more paint or jetting ahead? Should you save up all your paint for a forward attack to wipe out an enemy, or lay a trial to help an ally? Co-op races make Trailblazers about more than just getting first place.


2018 | SimBin UK | Link
A racing sim being developed by SimBin UK, a new studio made up of UK racing game vets, GTR 3 brings the series that started in 2004 back to life with a different team, though it looks like some of the individuals from previous GTRs are still involved. This one is making the switch to Unreal Engine 4, and the screenshots show that racing games are still incredibly pretty even if you don’t give a hoot about cars.

Dakar 18

TBA | Bigmoon Entertainment | Link
The Dakar Rally---which no longer actually ends in Dakar---is a massive off-road race with hundreds of participants covering thousands of miles. With Dakar 18, Bigmoon Entertainment hopes to emulate the epic event with a gargantuan open world, the ability to leave your vehicle and explore or do repairs, official Dakar teams, and a wide range of vehicles---everything from trucks to bikes. 

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Mid 2018 | Megagon Industries | Link
Unlike sports games that break up friendships, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is about downhill biking where your only competition is the mountain itself. Despite the low-poly artwork that evokes more calming, artistic games, Megagon warns that this game won’t be a relaxing ride. The mountain itself is punishment enough. You’ll crash plenty on your way down. Downhill will offer several different mountains and trails to tackle, various modes, and bruises to your knees and your ego.



February 27 2018 (Out now) | Milestone S.r.l. | Link
An arcade-style off-road racing game with plenty of mud and dirt to spare. Gravel features four disciplines of racing, including expansive Cross Country tracks, treacherous lap runs in Wild Rush, real-world vistas in Speed Cross, and a Stadium track mode filled with epic jumps. 

MX vs. ATV All Out

March 27, 2018 | Rainbow Studios | Link
In the tradition of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, Avengers vs. X-Men and Ali vs. Frazier, MX vs. ATV All Out pits bikes and quad bikes against each other in a duel to the death, but instead of a duel it’s a race, and instead of to death it’s to the finish line. I guess, on reflection, it’s really just an off-road racing game. Race other players or the AI, tweak your vehicle, use sponsored gear to make yourself stylish and pull off stunts to make the other racers look rubbish.

Tennis World Tour

May 22, 2018 | Breakpoint
Being developed by some of the team behind Top Spin, Tennis World Tour gives the sport the sim treatment, with 30 pro tennis players confirmed so far, including Angelique Kerber and Roger Federer and a career mode. It’s due out on the PS4 in spring, but we’ll need to wait a little longer for it to come out on PC.

The Crew 2

June 29, 2018 | Ivory Tower/Ubisoft Reflections | Link  
While the first Crew featured a map of the United States so vast that it took players over 40 minutes to get from New York to Los Angeles at 100-plus miles per hour, its sequel looks to expand that map at all angles. Numerous route options allow players to race cars through the Grand Canyon, speed boats through the Hudson River, and fly a plane over Central Park. Because why not?