The new PC games of 2018


Ride 3

November 8 | Milestone SRL  | Link
Scrape your knees with over 230 motorbikes, customize every last scrap of metal on the thing, and do it all on 30 tracks. You can also unlock 60 informational magazines. Speaking of great magazines…. 

F1 2018

August 24| Codemasters | Link
Codemasters' premiere sim series revs its engines for a 2018 update, which will naturally feature new cars as well as additions to its career mode. The big thing Codemasters has talked about so far is how talking to the press will influence your driver's career progression; they're adding more mechanics for things to do off the track.

Forza Horizon 4

October 12 | Turn 10 | Link
Weather is a fickle thing in the UK, but you can't just make a racing game entirely set to gray skies. Forza Horizon 4 lets players shift between all four beautifully rendered seasons as you collect 450 cars.


September 28 | EA Canada | Link
EA has managed to wrestle the UEFA Champions League license back from Pro Evolution Soccer, and FIFA 19 is going to make sure you know it by featuring it in almost every mode in the game. The well-received story mode is also returning, starring the character Alex Hunter, of previous FIFA story modes.

Madden NFL 19

August 10 | EA Tiburon | Link
PC gamers are definitely ready for some football, as the Madden franchise has been console-exclusive since 2008. That's a decade of missing out on yellow highlighters. "Real player motion" is this year's update to look forward to.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

August 28 (US) 30 (Europe) | Konami | Link

Konami’s latest take on the life of football stardom adds a number of new features, including a “Visible Fatigue” system that alters how well you play after exerting yourself and myClub changes that alter how you sign and customize players. Funny enough, it’s all running on the Fox Engine, which you’ll remember fueled Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s stealthy neck-snapping action. Call me when Big Boss is performing CQC with a soccer ball between his legs.


2018 | SimBin UK | Link
A racing sim being developed by SimBin UK, a new studio made up of UK racing game vets, GTR 3 brings the series that started in 2004 back to life with a different team, though it looks like some of the individuals from previous GTRs are still involved. This one is making the switch to Unreal Engine 4, and the screenshots show that racing games are still incredibly pretty even if you don’t give a hoot about cars.

Dakar 18

September 11 | Bigmoon Entertainment | Link
The Dakar Rally---which no longer actually ends in Dakar---is a massive off-road race with hundreds of participants covering thousands of miles. With Dakar 18, Bigmoon Entertainment hopes to emulate the epic event with a gargantuan open world, the ability to leave your vehicle and explore or do repairs, official Dakar teams, and a wide range of vehicles---everything from trucks to bikes. 

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

TBA | Megagon Industries | Link
Unlike sports games that break up friendships, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is about downhill biking where your only competition is the mountain itself. Despite the low-poly artwork that evokes more calming, artistic games, Megagon warns that this game won’t be a relaxing ride. The mountain itself is punishment enough. You’ll crash plenty on your way down. Downhill will offer several different mountains and trails to tackle, various modes, and bruises to your knees and your ego.