New campaign, biome and enemy types coming soon to Fortnite's Save The World mode

Fortnite's co-operative Save the World mode always gets less attention than its battle royale brother, but Epic is promising big changes over the coming months. Most notably, the new Canny Valley campaign, alongside a new biome, will arrive in the "near future"—they'll be here "shortly after v5.0", which is due next month.

The campaign will arrive act-by-act, and will "take you through the Arid parts of the Fortnite world, with many new and unique places to explore. 

"The story will answer many questions —was Dr. Vinderman a hero or a villain? What happened to him? Who is 'the real Ray', and where is she? What really is the Storm, and why did it happen? You’ll also see Lars and his band, 'Steel Wool', Dennis, Penny and all the other characters you love, along with iconic locations and enemies," Epic said in a blog post.

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Save the World players have been asking for more enemy and mission variety, and Epic says it's continuing to "prototype" changes in those areas. Enemy variety seems like a bigger priority: there are "at least two brand-new enemy types [coming] in the next few months", and shorter-term, players can expect a more powerful variant of the Shielder to arrive soon, followed by an enemy called the Zapper.

Elsewhere, Epic is continuing to make changes to player reporting, which was recently introduced to let players flag up trolling teammates. "Starting next week, you’ll receive an in-game message when we take action against one of the players you reported. That way you’ll know the system is working and that you are contributing to make Fortnite a better place to play."

Epic also announced that the quick-fire Challenge the Horde mode will return in v5.0, complete with new mini-bosses and fewer waves of enemies to make the action even more frantic.

For the full list of upcoming changes, click here.

Samuel Horti

Samuel Horti is a long-time freelance writer for PC Gamer based in the UK, who loves RPGs and making long lists of games he'll never have time to play.