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New Bulletstorm screens

Bulletstorm thumb

If you don't remember Bulletstorm, it's the game with the huge electro whip and the gun that fires cannonballs . It's a frenzied first-person splatterfest that dishes out points for every ridiculous kill. In motion, it's so manic that it's hard to notice how good the game looks, but as the shiny new screens reveal below, the game is looking incredible.

It's difficult to pick a favourite among the colossal monsters, scenes of people dissolving into glowing skeletons, and the sight of two tiny buggies taking on some sort of skyscraper sized death wheel. Okay, it's not that difficult. The death wheel wins. Click the images to enlarge. The game's due out on February 22nd 2011.

Tom stopped being a productive human being when he realised that the beige box under his desk could play Alpha Centauri. After Deus Ex and Diablo 2 he realised he was cursed to play amazing PC games forever. He started writing about them for PC Gamer about six years ago, and is now UK web ed.