New Apex Legends trailer reveals the many origins of Wraith

The Apex Legends "Voidwalker" event went live today, which brings us the dry details of patch notes and the animated excitement of a new "Stories from the Outlands" trailer. This one, appropriately, is about Wraith, the star of this particular event, who runs into a spot of trouble with the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation when she runs into herself.

There are only a couple of "Stories" origin trailers so far, for Wraith and Wattson, but Respawn appears to be emulating Activision's approach to Overwatch by building game lore through individual character histories. It doesn't have anything to do with gameplay but it is interesting, if kind of confusing: It turns out that "our" Wraith is not the only Wraith, or even the most proficiently violent Wraith from the looks of it—which is maybe why she's apparently decided that spending time competing on what is essentially a game show of the far future is the best way to start learning the truth of her identity. (To be fair, it looks like it's going to be a very hands-on job, so practice probably isn't a bad idea.)

For something a little more practical, Respawn also released a Voidwalker event trailer that delivers a quick look at what's in store, including a new town taker and the Armed and Dangerous LTM, and a look at some of the new Legendary skins. 

Along with a list of bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and quality of life changes, today's patch notes also includes a detailed rundown how the new event will work. It sounds interesting, to put it mildly.

  • Shotguns and Snipers only - Mozambique, Peacekeeper, EVA-8, Longbow, G7, Triple Take
  • Attachments not used by Snipers or Shotguns are disabled
  • Gold variants of weapons spawn in High Tier loot zones and in airdrops
  • Kraber and Mastiff loot values are tuned so they spawn in late-game airdrops and very rarely as ground loot (1-2 per game each)
  • Reduced Armor - Armor (Blue/Purple/Gold) and Helmets (Blue/Purple/Gold) are disabled, spawn rate for Common Armor and Helmets is reduced.
  • Ground Loot Drop Chances are reduced by 45% (Supply Bins are not affected by this)
  • Bullet Counts and Stacks are modified:
  • Light Rounds: 16 per drop, 32 per inventory slot
  • Energy Rounds: 16 per drop, 32 per inventory slot
  • Heavy Rounds: 7 per drop, 14 per inventory slot
  • Shotgun Rounds: 7 per drop, 28 per inventory slot
  • Increased spawn rates for syringes to compensate for lower loot density.
  • Reduced spawn rates for shield batteries to match rarity of armor. 

"Overall, loot density is reduced, but ammo/weapon spawn rates are increased and stack sizes are increased to offset the loot scarcity and allow players to have enough ammo to not discourage combat," Respawn explained.

The Apex Legends Voidwalker event runs until September 17. The full details are available here.

Andy Chalk

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