You can nab Battlefield 4 for free (if you've got Prime)

Battlefield 4
(Image credit: EA)

The Battlefield 6 reveal is right around the corner, and in the run-up to the June 9 presentation, Amazon Prime members can snag a copy of Battlefield 4 for free. Between June 1 and June 20, you can grab a code for the standard edition of the game via Prime Gaming on Twitch. You can only grab an Origin code (sorry, Steam purists) but hey, it's free.

Battlefield 4 takes place six years after the fictional "War of 2020," though that term feels a little too close to real life these days. Evan gave the game a score of 84 when he reviewed it back in 2013, calling it a "visually and sonically satisfying, reliably intense FPS," even if it didn't stray too far from Battlefield 3.

It seems strange to pass over Battlefield 5 in favour of its predecessor, but Battlefield 4 generally had a better reception. It's a nice way to entice newbies into the series or give fans a chance to dip their toes into an older game. If anything, it'll hopefully keep people busy long enough for EA to plug all the holes in the dreadfully leaky ship that is Battlefield 6.

It's had a hard time keeping the newest game under wraps. While we won't know anything for certain until the June 9 reveal, rumours are already swirling around the game's potential theme and alleged screenshots making the rounds on the 'net. EA and DICE remain relatively unbothered by it all, playing into the cheekiness and, apparently, thinking about spaghetti a lot.

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