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Battlefield 6 rumors are rife, but DICE has spaghetti on its mind

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What if we told you that Battlefield 6 (opens in new tab) will have "large-scale and close quarters battles," "next level destruction" and "stunning visual effects" among other things? Would you be surprised? Battlefield 6 rumors are coming thick and fast ahead of the game's expected reveal some time this season, with a recent tweet (opens in new tab) listing some of its features eliciting a response from the official Battlefield Twitter account (opens in new tab).

The tweet by Roberto Serrano (aka @geronimo_73 (opens in new tab)) points to a modern warfare setting, 16-128 multiplayer matches, customization for soldiers, weapons and vehicles and a "fall 2021" release date. The tweet also lists a battle royale component, which will reportedly roll out in early 2022 as a free-to-play title. 

None of those are particularly surprising—most of those are just things you'd expect from a new Battlefield game. The free-to-play battle royale is vaguely surprising, and the modern warfare setting hasn't been confirmed. But aside from that it's business as usual, right?

The official response from Battlefield seems to agree, but it's entirely up to interpretation because, uh: spaghetti.

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Another rumor doing the rounds on reddit (opens in new tab), which hasn't attracted any official response, points to Battlefield 6 featuring a hub-like launcher hosting "most, if not all" old Battlefield games—kinda like Hitman 3 is now host to the whole trilogy. But you should take that with a big dollop of salt.

Elsewhere, EA has reportedly issued a survey to some players (via PCGamesN (opens in new tab)) quizzing on a range of features including a battle pass. Whatever the case, it probably won't be long before we hear about all this in an official capacity. In the meantime, spaghetti.

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