Battlefield 6 continues to leak like a sieve

Battlefield 5
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The next Battlefield, due to be officially announced in June, has long been the subject of unverifiable rumour, speculation and, in recent weeks, even some leaked screenshots. Developer DICE, for its part, made fun of the whole thing by comparing it all to the delicious qualities of spaghetti.

Nevertheless, over the weekend a further tranche of shots leaked online. An album posted to Imgur has a tonne of new shots which, because this is the internet, have been branded with a big lol guy banner. An enterprising redditor has stitched them together into some sort of order.

Gunships, rockets, big bangs, it's all what you'd expect and of-a-piece with the longstanding rumour that the game has a near-future setting. What confuses me most is that the game just seems to be called Battlefield rather than Battlefield 6 which, given this is a series that called its fifteenth entry Battlefield 1 a few years ago, would raise any armchair general's eyebrow.

Fans are claiming this is footage from the game's reveal trailer, but PC Gamer can tell you the above screens are not. A source familiar with the video admits it is from footage made during Battlefield's development, but was never intended to represent the game publicly. Whether this means it's an internal rough-cut, pre-visualisation material, or even just old target render is unclear: but the footage is related to the game's development.

In addition to these leaks, a curious TikTok video (spotted by VG 247) appeared, which mashes together a bunch of pre-existing footage from other games, but bookends them with what appears to be footage from the upcoming Battlefield. PC Gamer can't confirm the veracity or otherwise of this footage.

The one 'proper' look we've had at the game dates from last year, when some technical footage was briefly shown alongside the upcoming Dragon Age.

Both employees of DICE and EA have spoken vaguely about the game, and it is due to launch later this year, so expect more official news soon. Here's everything we know so far about Battlefield 6.

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