It is now my life's quest to acquire this tiny plastic Walton Goggins from the Amazon Fallout TV show

Fallout characters
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Back in the day, when the world was young and filled with dreams and sunlight, Fallout was an isometric series. Little paper people ran around 2D environments and did horrible things to each other while you surveyed it all from on-high like the all-powerful god-wizard-king a player is meant to be, rather than from behind the eyes or—shudder—shoulder of your protagonist.

Alas, those days are behind us, but you can recapture a bit of the glory in the form of these tiny plastic Fallout people that Modiphius is putting out. It's part of (as the set's name helpfully informs us) an Amazon TV show tie-in, so the figures on offer are all characters from the just-released Fallout show, which is apparently really quite good.

That means you get little statuettes of Lucy (Ella Purnell's character), Maximus (Aaron Moten's BoS paladin), CX404 (dog of indeterminate motivation), and—most important—The Ghoul (Walton Good-Old-Goggins). They're all 32mm high and come with their own special "scenic base" to plonk them on. Also, they're Warhammer-style unpainted figurines, so you can doll them up in all sorts of colours nature traditionally reserves to warn you about poisonous frogs and what-have-you.

They seem pretty neat, and were I not committed to a life of monastic asceticism (read: I have too many physical gewgaws taking up space in my home already) I might be tempted to pick them up. Anyway, you'd expect them to be decent quality: The four figures together cost £30 (or a very specific USD price of $38.24), which probably isn't that expensive in wargame figurine terms but does seem like a decent chunk of change to me, a man who is too scared of being sucked in completely to ever get into things like Warhammer.

Anyway, these figures aren't just for sitting on your mantelpiece. Modiphius made them for you to use in stuff like Fallout: Factions and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: wargames based in Black Isle's post-apocalypse. If you're interested in putting Lucy, Maximus, The Ghoul, and CX404 to use in your game, the figurine set comes with an instruction booklet that tells you everything you need to know.

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