Mothergunship launch date trailer shows off a bevy of big guns

Mothergunship is a bullet-hell FPS about building ridiculous guns and using them to blast hordes of aliens back to whatever distant weird world they came from. A demo showcasing the "Gun Crafting Range" was released in May, and now co-developers Grip Digital and Tower of Guns studio Terrible Posture Games have announced that the full release will take place on July 17. 

Shooting stuff is great but the big hook here, as both the trailer and the demo make clear, is the gun crafting. You can create some seriously over-the-top weaponry, but with great power, as the old saying goes, comes long reload times: Your gun may hit like a Mack truck going downhill but those long waits in between shots will leave you dangerously undefended. 

The full version of Mothergunship will also include an Endless Mode with leaderboards, and the developers promised "more gun parts, new levels, new enemies, and co-op gameplay on consoles" in future updates. It's not available for pre-purchase yet but will go for $25 on Steam and the Humble Store

Andy Chalk

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