Monster Hunter: World release date set for consoles, PC launch to 'follow at a later date'

When Monster Hunter: World was unveiled at this year's E3, Capcom announced it'd arrive on PCs later than consoles. The developer later confirmed this was "just a resources and manpower issue", and has now set January 26, 2018 as the ARPG's console DOA. 

Despite the announcement ahead of this week's Tokyo Game Show, Monster Hunter: World's PC launch remains unconfirmed—said to "follow at a later date", as per a Capcom statement. The latter did arrive alongside a new trailer, though, which you can cast your monster-hungry eyes over here:

Having played a couple of short missions at this year's Gamescom, the above looks far more exciting than anything I got to grips with in Cologne. This was my first foray into a Monster Hunter game mind you, and without context I never really felt invested in my kills—something the above story trailer suggests could help make right. 

In any event, the trailer teases a piece of gear we haven't seen before now: the Glider mantle. "You can use this to extend your air-time after a jump and, as seen in the new trailer, in some areas, you may even be able to catch a lift on a rising wind draft to quickly reach higher ground," so says Capcom. 

Still no PC launch date, then, but at least we now know it'll be some time after January 26, 2018 when Monster Hunter: World arrives on Xbox One and PS4.