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Monster Hunter: World delayed release on PC is 'just a resources and manpower issue'

A PC release of Monster Hunter: World was announced earlier this month at E3, as was the somewhat less exciting news that the PC version won't be out until sometime after the console releases. That's not because Capcom views the PC as a secondary platform, however, or piracy worries or a platform exclusivity deal. As producer Ryozo Tsujimoto told VG247, the simple fact is that they just don't have enough people to do it all at once. 

"It’s just a resources and manpower issue. We’re developing the game with our internal Capcom team in Osaka—the Monster Hunter team. We haven’t really put out that much on PC before that’s been developed internally, so we’re just asking for a little bit more time on the PC version so we can bring you a more optimised, fine-tuned version," Tsujimoto said. "This is the first time ever for a Monster Hunter title. There’s no wait in between the Japanese version and the Western one—we just need a little bit more time to get the PC version done right." 

Getting the PC version right means "meeting the needs of both players who want to go with their super high-spec rigs," as well as those with more conventional, middle-of-the-road systems, he explained. "Everyone’s got their own custom build on PC, and we’re going to look into what we can do to ensure the PC version is as optimized as possible."

We've got some of our own thoughts about what Monster Hunter: World needs to be a success on the PC that you can dig into and debate here. It's currently slated to come out for consoles in early 2018, and "at a later date" for the PC.   

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