How to get Twisted Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Twisted Stiffbone is yet another new master rank material that you need to gather if you want to craft the very best weapons and armor that Sunbreak has to offer. Just like the new ore variants that are specific to each region, there are also new bone types that you can get—you guessed it—from any of the bonepiles located throughout each area.

In this guide, I'll explain which region to get Twisted Stiffbone in, and where you can find some convenient bonepiles to hit up when you're out hunting monsters and moving between locations on the map.

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Sunbreak Twisted Stiffbone: Where to find it

You can find Twisted Stiffbone in the Shrine Ruins. You'll have to be on a master rank hunt or expedition for it to appear, but once you are, you can farm it at any of the bonepiles in the area. The easiest one to get to straight away is marked below.

There are plenty more bonepiles scattered throughout the region, including one in the top right area of the map by the wyvern nest, and there are a couple in the mountainous section right in the middle. Make sure to grab them when you pass by on the hunt, and remember that bonepiles respawn after a while, so you can farm them multiple times.

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