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Hunting for the lesser-spotted Monksnail? While wandering around Elgado Outpost in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak you might find yourself drawn into a request to photograph a giant shelled critter for Flur the Sailor at the docks. If you complete the task, you can nab a little Monksnail of your own that perches on top of your head.

But what exactly is a Monksnail? And where do you find it? If you haven't had the pleasure of encountering this rare form of endemic life in the base game, now's your chance. I'll walk you through where to find the Monksnail, so you can get that picture, and that coveted snail toy to perch on your noggin.

Sunbreak Monksnail: Where to find it in the Frost Islands

First off, you'll want to head out on an expedition to the Frost Islands at nighttime. This is important since it's the only time of the day that the Monksnail appears. Once you arrive, either head to the subcamp in the northeast, or just make your way from the starting camp to where you can look out on the area shown in red above. 

You'll want to climb up onto the deck of the big ruined ship nearby. You can wirebug and wall run up the cliff to get there, though you may want to grab an extra wirebug to make things easier. Once on deck, stand on the rail and look out towards the sea to the east, beyond where the map ends.

It usually takes about ten minutes for the Monksnail to appear, heading from right to left across the water. If it doesn't appear after a little while, you're going to have to come back another time. When you do see it, snap the picture, and head back to Flur to unlock that layered armor headpiece.

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