Minecraft is the latest game to get Oculus Rift support with "Minecrift" mod

After the Oculus Rift dev kits shipped out in April, we quickly started seeing some really interesting things happen around the new virtual reality hardware. New video emerges daily of Oculus compatibility mods for driving simulators , racing games , shooters and, um, decapitations . Now it's indie giant Minecraft 's turn with the newly released Minecrift mod.

User “StellaArtois” posted an alpha build of the Oculus compatibility mod in a forum post , and it has since been installed and shared by members of Minecraft's prodigious online community.

Minecraft's deliberately low-fi voxel graphics are an interesting departure from the hyper-realistic virtual immersion of other titles . Nevertheless, the Minecrift mod immediately renders the world of Minecraft with depth and distance that just isn't possible with a traditional two-dimensional display.

Considering the skin-crawling terror I already experience when I find myself surprised by a creeper, though, I can easily picture myself screeching like a startled kitten while playing Minecraft with a full Oculus/headphones setup. Just thinking about it makes me a little jumpy, and that bodes really well for the next generation of virtual reality horror games.

Also check out YouTube user Vaecon as he navigates a massive Minecraft build with his own Oculus setup.

Image via YouTube user tmektmek .