Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets even more gritty 'n' real with the Oculus Rift

My most favorite of sims just got even more realistic! We're not talking about toytown SimCity or ArmA 3's eagle-eye tactical simulation here, oh no. We're talking about the most mundane of what life has to offer times a hundred , thanks to the ultra-clarity of an Oculus Rift headset. We're talking about something that's human, dramatic, believable. You guessed it — we're talking about Euro Truck Simulator 2!

The high-scoring goods-delivery sim has been undergoing Oculus Rift experiments the past few days, according to developer SCS Software's blog . "Looking around the cabin freely is incredible," they say. "It almost feels like being in there!"

The blog post insists that the experience can't really be recreated with a screenshot, but I don't know — if you embiggen the above image, cross your eyes, and pretend it's a Magic Eye illusion, you can kind of almost see Doritos crumbs crushed into the seams of the seat cushion. Also, that 3D effect isn't half bad. This is actually a super-cool application of the Oculus Rift, in my opinion—as someone who's been known to mod games to be more realistically boring, I'm pretty excited to hit the country roads with nothing more than myself, a reality-enhancing headset, and a truckful of produce to deliver.