UnderCurrent bringing deep sea exploration to the Oculus Rift


If nothing else, the Oculus Rift looks like a great tool for getting a face full of atmospheric alien worlds. And what world could be more alien than the underwater portion of our own? It's got it all: violence, oppressive tension, gross tentacle monsters. And that's not even counting whatever the hell is going on with Anglerfish . Recognising the strange delights that lurk in the depths, a team of UK students are building a Rift supported under-the-sea exploration game, called UnderCurrent .

"Our designers have been studying VR technology reading as many books and papers as we can find in the libraries and online as well as writing our own papers about the future of VR tech," writes team member 'Chard' on the Oculus Rift forum . "We're still experimenting with core game play mechanics which would best suit the Rift but look forward to seeing further development in the future!"

So far the team have assembled three levels of the game, which is said to take around 10 minutes, "so that you can have a full immersive experience without becoming cyber-sick".

You can see more UnderCurrent development progress at the game's website .

Thanks, Joystiq .

Phil Savage

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