Minecraft in insanely big numbers, 241 million logins a month, 11,000 skin downloads a second


If you haven't got time to watch the 86 minutes of Minecon videos we posted earlier , here's a brief guide to the kind of numbers involved in Minecraft.net, fresh from GameFront . You might want to prepare your eyes - these are some fairly hefty figures.

  • There are 241,920,000 logins per month. That's the equivalent of every person in Indonesia - the fourth most populous country on the planet - logging in.
  • Some 1,000 people login per hour on average, with 4,000 people logging in per second after the 1.0 launch.
  • Two billion files have been downloaded by the launcher. Two billion .
  • In game, 11,000 skins are downloaded per second.

At the moment of writing, Minecraft has 16,804,266 registered users. 4,129,151 have bought the full game. It's a good thing Minecraft doesn't look like Crysis, as it would have broken the entire internet by now.