Minecraft documentary shows start of Mojang Studios

Mojang Specifications

A film company have released what they call a proof of concept for a feature length documentary on Minecraft and the formation of Mojang Studios. It's a 21 minute movie in which Notch and the other members of Mojang Specifications give their views on the success of Minecraft as they move into their new offices and plan the future of the game.

The film studio initially set out to make a short movie, but are now aiming to turn this short film into a full length documentary, and are looking for funding. You'll find the full film below, along with details on how to donate.

2 Player Productions are aiming to raise $150,000 in the next 32 days to fund the film, and are offering film credits, pick axes and signed posters to donors. The company explains why they're so keen to make a full length film about Minecraft.

"During the editing process of what was only supposed to be a twenty-minute short, it became clear that an important chapter of gaming history was still being written, and that a feature-length documentary about Mojang's first year would make a powerful statement about what it means to create, release, and play games in the twenty-first century."

[via GameSetWatch ]

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