Meet The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot's archer and the fearsome chicken army pursuing him

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot sure doesn't faff around with its subject matter. It's all about obtaining various riches in the unsubtly named land of Opulencia; the latest gameplay video can attest to that, showing the archer Blackeye Bowgart luxuriating atop a throne and pointing his ornate golden crossbow at things. When he's not fleeing for his life, that is.

This is meant to be a demonstration of the various skills and maneuvers available to Bowgart. Arrow showers, traps, backflips, and a pet bird of prey are all part of his game. What's really special here, though, is the glimpse of the spiky, hamster-powered wheels of death first spotted in our preview . Coupled with the merrily clucking chicken army, it's looking like the free-to-play dungeon crawler is backed up by a sense of humor. No release date yet, but you can apply for alpha access at the website .