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This gorgeously massive 55-inch 4K Alienware OLED monitor is back on sale for Cyber Monday

Alienware AW5520QF 55-inch 4K 120Hz Gaming Monitor
(Image credit: Alienware)

Good news everyone, it's back! Alienware's massive screen is back in stock, and back on sale. It's still massive, but it's awesomely massive, not annoyingly so. But at 55-inches you're going to need a big ol' desk just give this somewhere to sit, and you'll want to be sat back from it as well. Because even with its native 4K resolution, you're looking at a fairly low 80ppi (pixels per inch), where we usually avoid anything less than 100ppi for normal viewing distances, but you know, some things are worth making an exception for. This is one of those things.

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday deals

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Playing on a screen this big is going to give all your games the epic treatment. Seriously imagine Cyberpunk 2077 on this—you'll have an experience few can enjoy. Or WoW: Shadowlands for that matter, that's going to feel special. In fact, just about any game where you have been vistas to behold is going to be amazing. 

As already stated this is a 4K screen, and it supports 120Hz refresh rates too, making for a silky smooth gaming experience. On top of that, it supports AMD FreeSync and is Nvidia G-Sync compatible too, so smooth frames whatever hardware you're packing. Dell quotes a 0.5ms grey-to-grey response time as well, which means that this panel is no slouch. 

Awesome Monitor

Alienware OLED QW5520QF | 55-inch | 4K | £3,576.60 £1,699.31 at Dell (save £1,877)
If you want big-screen entertainment, it doesn't much better than this. This OLED 4K panel boasts incredible contrast, supports a super-sweet 120Hz refresh rate that is FreeSync and G-Sync compatible, and it has a response time of just 0.5ms. It even comes with its own remote. That's a massive saving too, at 52% off.View Deal

The other big news on the specifications front is the fact this is an OLED screen. The colour reproduction from OLED is vivid and rich, but it's the ability to totally turn off the pixels to produce incredible blacks that really stands out. Contrast is on a completely different level to the likes of IPS and VA technologies, which explains why Dell is quoting a Contrast Ratio of 130,000:1. If you like to play horror games, then this is the screen for you.

Along with a USB 3.0 hub, you'll also find three HDMI ports to plug things into, you know in case you've got an Xbox Series S/X or a Playstation 5. There's a DisplayPort too, which is the main connection you'll want to use with your PC. You even get a remote with this bad boy, for when you want to just kick back and enjoy it.

This screen would normally set you back a hefty £3,576, but thanks to the joy of Cyber Monday you can get over 50% off, which means you only pay £1,699. That's a bargain and a half.

Alan has spent far too much of his life in World of Warcraft and playing Magic the Gathering to be a normal human being, which is why he has retreated to the warm embrace of gaming hardware.