Maia heading to Steam Early Access on December 3rd

Of course, Simon Roth has already given the world early access to his colony-building sci-fi god game Maia over on his site, but pretty soon we'll be able to access it by clicking some buttons in our Steam windows instead. Maia flew through Steam Greenlight like a greased Scotsman a couple of months ago , but the in-development game won't be on the Steam store until December 3rd, as revealed yesterday in a Kickstarter update . This will give Roth time to get Maia into a suitable state, ahead of the fresh player injection.

"I'm setting the date for an early access Steam launch as December 3rd," Roth announced in the Kickstarter update. "It's still quite far away, but we don't want to rush into it. With the direct pre-orders having scored us £12000 or so, we have a little more leeway and have no immediate need for a big cash injection.

"There's a lot of work to go in before we release the alpha to the masses. Although getting everyone of you Steam keys is very important to me, having anywhere from ten to a hundred thousand new testers overnight would be a bit much to handle."

Roth also announced a "fully featured OSX alpha" of Maia, which should be available this coming Monday. The next build of the game, meanwhile, will feature object wear-and-tear and even a livestock room, meaning we'll soon be able to get the game's chickens to reproduce. (Like Fable, Maia is weirdly big on chickens.)

For more god game/chicken talk, you maia want to click on this link .

Cheers, PCGamesN .

Tom Sykes

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