Maia, Viscera Cleanup Detail and more make it through the Steam Greenlight gate

I can't help but feel that these Greenlight announcement posts are a bit underwhelming. Valve need to spice up the drama, reality show style. Indie hopefuls desperately treading water in the choppy seas; a lighthouse in the distance, it's green light scanning over the chaos; then, completely at random - through some arcane and heavily obtuse mixture of popular vote and 'other factors' - a few are selected and guided safely to the shores. Er, so anyway, Steam has greenlit 15 more games.

Here's the list, with links to the relevant Greenlight pages. Try to spot which one I inevitably link to the wrong thing:

7 Days To Die


The Dead Linger

Door Kickers





Satellite Reign

Stranded Deep

Strike Vector

The 7th Guest

The Novelist

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches

Fun fact: if you open up all those links in separate tabs, the noise of the autoplaying YouTube embeds is horrendous.

Once again, it's a diverse list of games - which is something in Greenlight's favour. It remains a particularly messy method for choosing the games that are allowed onto your service, but that shouldn't diminish the achievement for those who've made it. Congratulations to them all.

Phil Savage

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