Lords of the Fallen GOTY edition coming June

Lords of the Fallen 1

Lords of the Fallen, a game you probably wouldn't expect to be mentioned in the same sentence as the phrase 'game of the year', is getting a Game of the Year edition next month.

While it may be called a 'game of the year edition', that doesn't mean Lords of the Fallen has sold a particular number of copies or picked up an average rating of plenty-of-percent — no, it just means it's the game and a bunch of extras bundled in.

So that's the vanilla game alongside the Ancient Labyrinth DLC and other add-on packs like the Demonic Weapons and Lionheart ones, along with weapons, armour, blah-de-blah. Why not call it the 'complete edition' or something? I don't know.

Anyway, while Lords of the Fallen wasn't utterly awful, it wasn't very good either — but it would have been made a whole host better if its plentiful crashes weren't an issue. Here's hoping, genuinely, those problems are fixed for the GOTY edition. And the sequel.

Lords of the Fallen's GOTY edition is set for a June 26 release. Will any of you be picking it up?

[Update: It turns out it's only releasing in Germany. Oops!]