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Looking for an affordable gaming laptop? This one has a GTX 1650 and is just $549

Looking for a cheap gaming laptop? This one has a GTX 1650 and is just $549
This budget gaming laptop pairs an Intel Core i3 10300H Comet Lake CPU with a GeForce GTX 1650. (Image credit: Evoo Gaming)

Buying a laptop for gaming does not have to be a super expensive affair, not these days. You don't even need to spend a grand or more. This Evoo Gaming machine only costs about half that ($549 at Walmart (opens in new tab)) while delivering a serviceable selection of components and features for the money.

Granted, this is not the best gaming laptop (opens in new tab) money can buy. I wouldn't expect it to be, not at this price. But as far as budget laptops go, the combination of a 10th Gen Intel Core i3 10300H Comet Lake processor (4C/8T, 2.5GHz to 4.5GHz, 8MB L3 cache) with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU is a capable duo for playing games on the 1920x1080 display (60Hz).

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Budget Gaming Lapt...

Evoo Gaming 15.6-Inch Laptop | Core i5 10300H | GeForce GTX 1650 | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | $549 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
A gaming laptop does not have to be super expensive. This one falls squarely into budget territory, and it is relatively easy to upgrade the RAM and storage if the need arises.

You will need to tone down the image quality settings on more demanding games, but the GTX 1650 is certainly better than any integrated graphics solution (the folks at NotebookCheck (opens in new tab) have a wide collection of benchmarks to give you a rough idea of the type of gaming performance this laptop GPU can muster).

The main compromise here is the pairing of just 8GB of RAM with a paltry 256GB SSD. Those are both decidedly budget specs, and while in line with the asking price, it's still not exciting. Fortunately, it's rather easy to pop off the bottom panel and upgrade one or both components, should the need and/or desire arise.

As for the port selection, this laptop sports a pair of USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a USB Type-C port, a USB 2.0 port, two mini DisplayPort outputs, an HDMI output, and an Ethernet port. There's also a microSD card slot and a Kinsington lock slot, to round things out. And yes, it has RGB LEDs too.

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