Logitech's new peripherals are a welcome pop of colour

Logitech Aurora Collection
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For years, when shopping for gaming peripherals like mechanical keyboards and gaming mice, colour options were severely limited. You could probably find something in a few different shades of black, if you were really lucky. Maybe also a few grey keys, a couple of camo coloured headsets existed here and there, a smattering of actually coloured keys on a keyboard were probably the extent of it. Basically, more colour in mainstream peripherals has been a long time coming, but finally we're starting to see it, though it's not always done super well. However, Logitech is one brand that's been going all in with nice pastel coloured vibes.

Logitech has been releasing all sorts of colourful accessories over the past few years, with purples and blues replacing the expected black and… black. You can even get a handful of pastel ergonomic mice.

Now Logitech is bringing even more colour with this new line of pastel popping peripherals. The new line, dubbed the Aurora Collection features keyboards, mice, mouse mats, headsets, and more, all with this new pink, white, and green colour scheme. It gives off a bright punchy fresh playful look, especially for things we're used to seeing look a lot more mundane.

While obviously these products are for anyone who likes them, this collection was built with women in mind, which is a refreshing touch. This means the headsets take into consideration things like smaller head sizes, longer hair, glasses, and earrings, which will likely be a nice boost in comfort for many, regardless of gender identity.

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The popular Blue Yeti microphone is one of the first products to receive the makeover. These mics are fairly popular among streamers, and having a new way to match their setup is a pretty great idea. Not a lot of company's offer a pink mic, so it's cool to see regardless.

While not necessarily a part of the collection, the Blue Yeti Premium USB microphone will be coming out in pink and white colours, with streaming overlays to match. It paints a clear picture of the aesthetic Logitech is looking to corner with these products.

The keyboards on offer in the Aurora collection are the G715 and G713 Mechanical gaming keyboards. They're a smaller tenkeyless design offering wireless and bluetooth connectivity, prioritising comfort and battery life. They even include an armrest that looks like a cloud which might have just sold me on the whole collection. These are going for $199.99 and $169.99, USD respectively.

Aurora collection

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These would pair nicely with the mouse on offer in the Aurora Collection which is the Logitech G705 priced at $99.99 USD. This is often touted as a gaming mouse for smaller hands, which makes it a good fit for these small space saving keyboards. It's light at 85g and features the same connectivity as the keyboards. These look like they might just be in white for now, but the RGB is set to have a more ethereal light feel providing colour in a different way.

The last big item in the collection is the G735 Wireless gaming headset retailing for $229.99 USD. Like the mouse, this one is mostly white with the fancy pastel RGB. The ear cups and boom mics can be switched out for the green and pink versions though, which give a fresh pop of colour. White ear cups look like they're just begging to pick up all sorts of dirt, so the option for colours there is a nice one.

Alongside these products, Logitech is also releasing a bunch of accessories, such as swappable ear pads, mouse pads, keyboard plates, and even a heart shaped case. You can even get that cloud wrist rest as a stand alone. Logitech also boasts that all of these products are carbon neutral thanks to the high-quality carbon offsets financed by the company.

This collection looks like a clear sign of a company leaning all into an aesthetic... which doesn't always bode well for the functionality. Hopefully these peripherals have found a nice balance between form and function, and we start to see these kinds of colour options sneak into more mainstream gaming gear. It's 2022 already, you'd think we'd be gaming in colour.

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