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Logitech's excellent G502 wireless gaming mouse is on sale again for $120

Logitech's excellent G502 wireless gaming mouse is on sale again for $120
It's back down to its lowest price every with this deal. (Image credit: LOGITECH)

Every so often, Logitech's G502 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse dips below its $149.99 list price, and if you strike at the right time, you can score yourself a nice bargain. Now is one of those times. It's on sale on Amazon for $119.99 (opens in new tab), matching the lowest price we've seen for this mouse.

This is one of the best gaming mice around, especially in the wireless category. Part of what makes it so good is the 16K DPI 'Hero' sensor. It is rated for 400 IPS, so you can sweep it wildly across your mat without it stuttering or losing tracking, and it is more than sensitive enough for any type of gameplay.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse | $119.99 (save $30) (opens in new tab)
This is a feature-packed gaming mouse with 11 programmable buttons, a customizable weight system, and a superb 16K Hero sensor.

Another thing we like is the ability to adjust the weight. It comes with a set of optional weights in 2g and 4g sizes. This means you can choose between a lightweight and nimble rodent, or add the full 16g for a more lumbering experience. Or somewhere in between, if you prefer.

There are 11 customizable buttons on the G502 Lightspeed, plus a 'hyper fast' scroll wheel. You can give the scroll wheel a hearty spin and it will keep going, or press a button underneath to toggle a more traditional scroll wheel response. Different strokes for different strokes (and situations).

Overall, the G502 Lightspeed is a high-end mouse that is packed with features, and an expensive price tag to boot. It's still a bit pricey even with this deal, but a good chunk below what it normally sells for.

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