Little Nightmares The Hideaway DLC out now, next chapter out February

Little Nightmares' three-part DLC series Secrets of the Maw continues today with the launch of 'The Hideaway'. Again starring The Runaway Kid—main series protagonist Six's similarly pint-sized counterpart—this chapter has you locating and rescuing the mysterious Nomes, and striving to uncover their secrets along the way. 

Naturally, it's got a trailer. Here's that:

So what's going on there, then? Over to publisher Bandai Namco:

The Runaway Kid will have to find and rescue the Nomes, to escape from this gloomy place. These curious creatures have a secret but they can help as well to overcome all obstacles! Where are all these Nomes coming from? What secrets are buried in their nest? This second story introduces more complex puzzle mechanics that will require you to work with the Nomes and a hub-like layout to let you have more freedom for exploration.

Part of what I loved about Little Nightmares' base game was its claustrophobic hallways and tight, monster-packed spaces. The introduction of an explorable "hub-like layout", then, sounds interesting, if a little at odds with what I've come to expect from the game.   

Little Nightmares' The Hideaway DLC is out now on GOG and Steam for £3.19/$4. Its third and final Secrets of the Maw chapter is as yet nameless however will launch on February 10, 2018.