Life is Strange episode two out in just over a week

Life is Strange header

Life is Strange is an episodic game, a term that means 'you never know when the next part is going to be out, and even when you do, it's probably going to be delayed'. True to that definition, episode two was recently delayed from its March 13th release date—and now we know when it will be arriving instead.

March 24th! March 24th. The new release date for Life is Strange's second episode is March 24th. Sorry to repeat, but I wanted to make sure it stuck in your head. The date was revealed at Rezzed this weekend, along with 15 minutes of new footage from the episode, which you can spoil for yourself with the above video if you want. Rewind time back to February 10th, and we'll even tell you what we thought of the first part. (Alternatively, you could always click this link.)

Tom Sykes

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