Life is Strange episode two is delayed, but nobody knows for how long

Life is Strange

The second episode of Life is Strange has been delayed, although by exactly how much is unclear. A Square Enix rep told Destructoid that it had been pushed back to an unannounced date, but developer Dontnod Entertainment more recently tweeted that development is "on track" and that it's "looking to release it before the end of March."

The studio repeated the statement, in slightly expanded form, on Steam. "We’ve been asked to clear up the question of when Episode 2 will be released since there have been rumours of a delay. We would like to assure everyone that development is on track and we’re looking to release it before the end of March," a rep wrote. "Thanks for all your support so far—we’ve loved reading all your feedback and comments."

Of course, "looking to" is a slightly more optimistic way of "hoping to," which means the episode may well end up coming out in April or beyond. And even if it does make that end-of-March target, it would still represent a delay of sorts: Producer Luc Baghadoust said on Reddit last month that Dontnod would "like to achieve" a release schedule of one episode every six weeks, which would have the second episode ready to go on March 13. But that's far from carved in stone, and even though it's still possible—March 13 is "before the end of March," after all—the wording of the statement makes it sound unlikely.

The first episode of the metaphysical mystery Life is Strange came out at the end of January, and was apparently quite good.

Andy Chalk

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