PlayStation this is your fault: The first thing modders did to Lies of P is turn it into Bloodborne

It has been 3015 days since Bloodborne released for the PlayStation 4, and I'm starting to worry that those rumours about a PC version being announced at Summer Game Fest might have been unfounded. But not to worry, because the recently-released demo for Lies of P has already attracted the attention of modders who are working to make it even more Bloodborne-like than it currently is.

The Bloodborne Hunter Weapons & Armor in Lies of P mod has such a self-explanatory title that I probably don't really need to write this paragraph, but here we go anyway. Made by a modder named Isatris and brought to you by the Garden of Eyes modding collective, it replaces Lies of P's standard puppet-goth protagonist with the Hunter from Bloodborne, granting you the Hunter's Attire, the Saw Cleaver, and Ludwig's Holy Blade to do your dark business in.

Unsurprisingly, given how heavily Bloodborne weighs on Lies of P's sleeve, it all fits in seamlessly with the base game's normal vibe. Barely a thing seems out of place as the Hunter lays waste to legions of sinister tin men. No, it's not the PC port we all desperately want, but it's probably the best we've got.

There are just two major issues. The first is that the modders went with the Saw Cleaver instead of the Threaded Cane, so what's up with that, and the second is that you can only download it by signing up to the Garden of Eyes Patreon. That's probably gonna cut down on the number of players diving in.

Still, don't lose heart, the team say that they're far from done, and "plan to expand upon the mod heavily when the full game is released". When it's finished, the mod will be totally free for anyone and everyone. Of course, it won't really matter, because by then we'll have a sumptuous port of the real Bloodborne to enjoy on our desktops, right? Please?

Joshua Wolens
News Writer

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