Lian Li designed a case with Der8auer and then decked it out in Razer garb

Lian Li is now off and running with a licensed "Designed by Razer" version of its PC-O11 Dynamic. The themed case made its first appearance at Computex last summer, and is now available to preorder.

Professional overclocker Der8auer had a hand in designing the PC-O11 Dynamic, which stands as one of the best PC cases out there—it's a beautifully engineered mid-tower sporting a dual-chamber design and support for up to nine 120mm fans. The case is also versatile, as it's larger than most mid-towers and in return supports a lot more, including most E-ATX motherboards and even dual power supplies. 

To keep things clean and tidy, Lian Li touts a "double layer cable management design." This consists of the usual cable cutouts that are common on most cases, in combination of an angled motherboard tray and a bar on the backside to attach and hide cables from view.

The Razer edition uses the same skeleton, but with the company's logo etched onto the front panel and integrated RGB lighting along that is compatible with Razer's Synapse 3 software.  In total, there are 86 LEDs, including 46 along the front trim and and 20 on the bottom.

There is an up-charge for the branding. Whereas the original sold for $129.99, the Razer edition is available to preorder for $169 at Newegg, €169.90 at Caseking, and £149.99 at OverclockersUK. However, anyone who preorders will also receive Lian Li's Strimer 24-pin RGB PSU cable worth $49.

Paul Lilly

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