Li Lian made an RGB power cable because there’s not much left to light up

Just when it looked as though hardware makers were running out of things to give the RGB treatment to, Lian Li went and announced the Strimer, a power supply extension cable that lights up like everything else on the market.

Folks, this a revolutionary moment—just ask Lian Li.

"Traditional PSU cables are either dull or look messy and becomes a challenge to builders and gamers, becoming a task to manage and keep the cables tidy. Sleeved cables have become a trend and allowed a cleaner, more stylish solution into managing and presenting cables, coupled with cable combs, they made a good option until now. Lian Li is revolutionizing the cable management game with the Strimer cable LED," Lian Li says.

By our math, that brings the total number of items with RGB lighting to around a gazillion, including keyboards, mice, case fans, liquid coolers, power supplies, graphics cards, RAM, mouse pads, and whatever else we're missing. Oh, speakers and headsets. There's more, but the bigger question is, what's left? We have no doubt we'll find out.

In the meantime, you can snag the Strimer and add more RGB lighting to your setup. It works with pretty much every power supply on the market. Lian Li said it designed a patented mounting mechanism so that it fits security with your existing cables. 

The Strimer can also plug into an addressable motherboard header, if your motherboard supports RGB lighting (and it probably does). Built in program controls allow you to control and customize the cable's lighting, with 10 built-in lighting options.

There's no word yet on when the Strimer will be available or how much it will cost. We've reached out to Lian Li for those details and will update when we hear back.

Paul Lilly

Paul has been playing PC games and raking his knuckles on computer hardware since the Commodore 64. He does not have any tattoos, but thinks it would be cool to get one that reads LOAD"*",8,1. In his off time, he rides motorcycles and wrestles alligators (only one of those is true).