Leisure Suit Larry to return with HD remake and new adventures

Leisure Suit Larry

Of all the old adventure games to get a modern re-release, Leisure Suit Larry seemed one of the most unlikely, but nonetheless EGM are reporting that the series will be making a comeback (disgusting pun not intended). Replay Games have acquired the rights to Larry, and are teaming with original creator Al Lowe to create re-mastered versions of the original games and start work on new adventures.

The Leisure Suit Larry games are often looked down upon as a little seedy in their subject matter, but as PC Gamer contributor Richard Cobbett said in his article on Leisure Suit Larry 2 :

"While popular, the series soon became (and remains) a bit of a pariah in the games world. Largely, that's down to a misunderstanding – that they're porn games in which the player goes around trying to have sex with random women, because he can't get a date of their own. They're not, which is why they've both lasted so long as a mainstream series while garbage like Lula 3D and 7 Sins gets stuck out of sight, and why they've always had a relatively strong female following too over the years."

We'll be interested to see how modern audiences react to Larry's brand of naughty postcard humour. It's also good to see a creator get the rights to his series back, and it would be great if Larry heralded a return for other beloved Sierra franchises like King's Quest and Space Quest.