Where to find Kit's Cantina in Fortnite

kits cantina
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The latest update for Fortnite season 5 introduces a new Star Wars location from The Mandalorian. Kit's Cantina is exactly the kind of sketchy location you'd expect from Disney's TV show of bounty-hunting escapades, complete with a bar stocked full of what I assume is blue milk, a stage for space jazz artists, and the gutted remains of a dozen stormtroopers out back.

If you're interested in finding Kit's Cantina, our guide will show you exactly where to go and whether it's worth using the location as a starting point for your next match.

Check the map below for a quick look at where to find Kit's Cantina.

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You'll recognize the Cantina as a sandy building with two small dome roofs and one longer roof. Basically, if you've seen any building on Tatooine, you're good.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Kit's Cantina has about 3-4 loot chests, making it a perfectly average spot to land, far from the better, larger POIs. Still, its position overlooking the central desert and its proximity to Hunter's Haven make it a solid choice for a pitstop during the middle of a match.

I also just really love the little touches that make this place feel like exactly the hive of wretched scum and villainy that classic era Star Wars evokes. There's laser blast marks riddling the wall outside the door, moisture farming machinery scattered outside, and a decorative assortment of stormtrooper skulls—much like the first episode of The Mandalorian.

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I'm glad to see Epic changing up the map in the later stages of season 5. Given that season 4 was entirely themed around Marvel superheroes, I wouldn't be opposed to more Star Wars iconography making their way into the game.

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