Kingdom: New Lands is free on the Epic Games Store

Two-dimensional pixel monarchy simulator Kingdom: New Lands is the latest freebie on the Epic Games Store. If you remember the original Kingdom, New Lands is a standalone remake/expansion of that. You're a king or queen who is shipwrecked on an island, then has to ride left and right across it collecting coins to spend on hiring peasants and building up a fort for them to live in. Every night, monsters come out of the forest and your dinky little peasant archers and soldiers try to survive with whatever weapons you've been able to afford for them.

It's the kind of game where you die a lot, and each time have to start from scratch as a new monarch. Hopefully you learned something about Kingdom's systems before that, and can build a better fort next time. New Lands makes the process more enjoyable by spreading it across six different islands, as well as adding more subjects to recruit, different mechanics for the passing of seasons, the option to repair your ship and sail to a new island if you're doing well, and more mounts to ride—including a bear.

Kingdom: New Lands is free to download until June 13, at which point it will be replaced by the next freebie, Enter the Gungeon.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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