Kentucky Route Zero's next episode delayed a couple of weeks

It's that sad, age-old tale of a traveler never making it to his final destination. Or, in this case, the second part of an atmospheric adventure game not reaching its intended recipients in time. Cardboard Computer have announced, via email newsletter, that part two has been delayed by "a couple of weeks" - but to make up for it, they'll be releasing "small/weird screenshots" regularly on social media till then.

We loved the series' beginning and are slightly grumpy about having to wait a bit longer for part two. Previously due this month , the Cardboard team blame the frenzy around distribution, troubleshooting issues, and the excitement of taking part in the Independent Games Festival for the delay. No exact release date has been specified, but we're hoping to be able to continue Conway's oddball antique-delivering journey in mid-May.

In the meantime, here's a suitably enigmatic screengrab from Act 2. More will be released over the coming days, so if your mind needs something to chew on till the next part's released, follow 'em on Facebook .