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Kentucky Route Zero Episode 2 descends in April, leading up to "tragic" finale in January

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The first part of Cardboard Computer's magically real, really magic Kentucky Route Zero has been out for a while now, and if you liked it as much as we did (opens in new tab) , you were probably wondering when the second episode would be released. Wonder no more - well, wonder a little bit - because the next part's set for sometime this April. Speaking to Joystiq (opens in new tab) , CC also revealed that the story is "a tragedy", so don't expect it to end with a freeze-frame laughing shot like the final scene of any episode of Murder She Wrote.

"The story's a tragedy, it's a tragic ending," developer Jake Elliot told Joystiq. "Hopefully it won't be too bleak, but it's in that tradition." Also of note: there will be a definitive end with no 'good' or 'bad' variants, but saves will carry over between episodes.

After episode 2 lands in April, we can expect 3 in July and 4 in October, before the series wraps up with the fifth and final part next January - a year after the first episode in the series was released.

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