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Kentucky Route Zero Act II is suddenly out now

The second episode of Cardboard Computer's sorta-adventure-game has finally released, only a month or so after it was originally supposed to . The devs marked the occasion by shouting from the rooftops and releasing a series of fireworks - oh, they issued a quiet tweet instead . If you own the game on Steam, you should find that it's automatically been updated to include its second act; if you bought it via other means, you've likely just been handed a download link. Either way, the subterranean Kentucky Route Zero has just been excavated a little more, though it's probably just as opaque as ever .

You'll find the episodic series on Steam right here , where it's only available in bulk, with all five episodes (including the three future acts) setting you back £18.99. There's also a sort of related interactive art exhibition called Limits and Demonstrations , which like all good art (and, well, all bad and mediocre art) is open to interpretation.

Cheers, RPS .