Kena: Bridge of Spirits gameplay trailer reveals an August release date

Third-person action-adventure game Kena: Bridge of Spirits made a real impression when it was announced in June 2020 during a PlayStation 5 reveal event. It's a story-driven exploration game about a young woman who travels to an abandoned village in search of a sacred mountain shrine. What she discovers, however, is an overgrown forest that has entrapped wandering spirits known as the Rot. By finding and freeing them she'll gain powerful abilities, transform the world around her, and ultimately lift the curse that's darkened the forgotten village.

It was also confirmed for PC by way of the Epic Games Store, and was scheduled to be out later that year. In September, however, it was pushed into early 2021 because of the difficulties involved in working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, developer Ember Labs rolled out a new gameplay trailer during Sony's State of Play event, giving us another look at the world Kena will explore and the monsters she'll fight on her travels. We also finally got an updated release date. It's going to take a little longer than expected—Q3 instead of Q1—but Kena: Bridge of Spirits is now scheduled to launch on August 24.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is available for preorder now on the Epic Store, with a fine selection of hats on offer for anyone who ponies up early. You can also find out more about the game at

Andy Chalk

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