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Just when you think you've seen it all: gamer slippers appear

Time gamer slippers pictured from the side
(Image credit: Time)
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Strike that gaming keyboard, mouse, monitor, and GPU upgrade off your shopping list. One way to improve your gaming experience is to slip your toesies into some slippers—but not just any slippers, gaming slippers.

That's what slipper manufacturer TIME posits about its new gaming slippers anyways (via SweClockers (opens in new tab)): "TIME Slippers help create a relaxed sensation in the body making it easier for the mind to do the same, followed of course by an improvement in the quality of gameplay."

Now let's be honest, this is surely a tongue-in-cheek claim for gaming performance, but it wouldn't be the first time we've seen the word 'gaming' appended to a word in the hope of drumming up some more business.

These TIME slippers definitely look the part, though. For one, they're made in partnership with Overwatch League team Washington Justice, which means they're in a very gamer red and black colour scheme. They also have the team name adorned on the upper side of the shoe. Though not every gaming slipper will be Washington Justice themed. They're just a special edition run.

There are two options with the gaming slipper, the $160 low top (opens in new tab) and the $175 mid top (opens in new tab). Yeah, crikey those are some steep slipper prices. I usually just take them from hotels for free. I'd personally prefer some sort of gaming Uggs for when I game, anyways, but you can't have it all. They're made of leather though, so no good for vegans. I can't say I see the appeal of rocking leather around the house either, but to each their own. 

Similarly, you can't have some sweet gamer bootsies on your feet until "Fall 2022", as these are only available for pre-order. There are both men's and women's sizes available, at least.

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