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Journey hits Steam in June after a year of Epic Games Store exclusivity

(Image credit: Thatgamecompany)

Former PlayStation exclusive Journey released on the Epic Games Store last year, seven years after its original launch on the PS3. Following a 12 month exclusivity period with Epic, the game is hitting Steam on June 11.

Chances are you've caught wind of what Journey is about - it's one of the most acclaimed games of recent years. The basic gist is this: you're a mysterious figure exploring a mysterious land, solving light puzzles and sometimes encountering other human players. Communication with these other players is limited to small in-game gestures. It's a simple concept, but the execution is gorgeous.

Until last year, the Thatgamecompany catalogue was confined to PlayStation consoles, but in addition to Journey, Flower is also on PC now. The studio's most recent game Sky is currently exclusive to smartphones and the Nintendo Switch.

Here's Journey's PC launch trailer:

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