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It's that time of the month again, where we reveal the newest game that's available to Legendary members of the PC Gamer Club. As the headline up there says, Violet Cycle is the latest entry—a self-proclaimed "hyperkinetic neopoly roguecade" endeavour, which in practice delivers a lovely-looking hack-and-slash isometric roguelike. 

As you dash and swipe your way around the game's enemy-filled, tile-based landscapes, you'll balance combat with overheating—the latter process of which renders you temporarily paralysed and, of course, vulnerable to attack. Here's some of that in motion:

Violet Cycle currently resides in Steam's Early Access initiative, however already boasts a pretty sophisticated combat system that combines swordplay, dodging and blocking with prestige. 

Fancy that? PC Gamer Club Legendary members get a game code sent straight to their inbox. Becoming a Legendary member is simple: head in this direction, select the appropriate heading, follow the instructions, and you're good to go. Here's everything you get as part of joining the PC Gamer Club

If you're on the fence, you might like a look at this handy PC Gamer Club FAQ

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