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It's time to get Slain! We've partnered with Fanatical to drop a new game key in the inboxes of PC Gamer Club Legendary members every month, and this month we're serving up a sea of blood with the extremely metal Slain: Back From Hell.

The most metal thing about Slain is that the protagonist, Bathoryn, just wants to Take A Damn Nap. Awoken against his will in the mortal realm, he reluctantly sets out to gore hordes of abominations and cut down six overlords. Combat takes subtle timing and careful dodging—Bathoryn is more fragile than he looks, so watch out for spike traps—and death is inevitable.

It's a hell of a challenge, akin to the NES and SNES Castlevania games, but worth it for both the satisfaction that comes from a shower of monster guts, and to hear more of former Celtic Frost bassist and guitarist Curt Victor Bryant's soundtrack.

Existing Legendary members should have received an email containing their code—or will receive one soon—and new Legendary members who join in February will also score Slain codes. And that's just a small part of everything you get with a PC Gamer Club Legendary membership, which includes an ad-free site, a digital magazine subscription, exclusive in-game items for Runescape, Rising Storm 2, and Elite Dangerous, and lots more.

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