Jacksonville Tribute Livestream takes place tomorrow

Electronic Arts has shared the details on the upcoming livestream tribute to Elijah Clayton and Taylor Robertson, the Madden NFL pros who were murdered in August at a tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. 

"The livestream is meant to be a place where we can remember Elijah Clayton and Taylor Robertson, lend support to the victims of the horrific and senseless act that has shaken us all, and share in the healing power of play with the entire gaming community," EA said. "But we hope to reach far beyond Madden and share in 90 minutes of doing what unites us all—playing video games." 

The stream, hosted by Madden NFL personalities Scott Cole, Rico Williams, Adrienne Lawrence, and Dave Grunfeld, will begin at 2 PM PT/5 pm ET on September 6, and run until 3:30 pm PT/6:30 pm ET. It will be available on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Mixer. The Jacksonville Tribute Fund, established by EA to support the victims and their families, is still taking donations at gofundme.com

Andy Chalk

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