It took the first Remnant months to sell a million copies, but Remnant 2 did it in 4 days

Allies take on a monster in Remnant 2.
(Image credit: Gearbox)

We're one week out from the release of Remnant 2 and friends, the game is a bonafide hit. It's sold over a million copies across PC and console, causing much rejoicing from dev and publisher alike, and prompting the latter to assemble a trailer showcasing all the lovely things people are saying about it.

Although the game's been out for a week, it actually managed to sell a full million copies in just four days, according to a post on the Remnant website. For reference, the first Remnant took two months after its August 2019 release to reach the same number of sales. Remnant 2 has also managed to double the first game's number of concurrent players at launch too, according to a press release.

Remnant 2 nearly summited Steam's most-played charts barely two days after it released, reaching the coveted number two spot behind the ageless and unkillable CS:GO. Its peak concurrent player count was well ahead of Remnant 1's even then, and it's only increased since.

Remnant 2 deserves its success. It's an enjoyable and finite game in an arena filled to the brim with doomed live service boondoggles that fade away almost as soon as they're made. It's pretty good too: a solid co-op shooter that knows what it is and what it wants to achieve.

In PCG's Remnant 2 review, Rick Lane scored the game 84% and praised it as a "a self-assembling experiential blind bag, with layers upon layers of colourful, plasticky fun." And not a season pass in sight.

Joshua Wolens
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