How crossplay works in Outriders

Outriders crossplay
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Wondering if Outriders crossplay is possible and how to enable it? There's no denying that Outriders is best played with friends, and if your pals don't play on PC, you may be wondering if you're going to get to venture through Enoch together. The good news is, Outriders does allow crossplay and it's pretty easy to set up—in theory anyway. The bad news is that crossplay isn't currently working between PC and consoles, though publisher Square Enix has detailed a patch that should fix the issue, due out next week.

If you've already chosen one of the four Outriders classes and you're eager to know how you'll be able to implement crossplay in the near future, this guide has you covered. Here's everything we know about Outriders crossplay, including the platforms that support it, how to enable it, and what carries over between the demo and the full game.

Does Outriders have crossplay?

Note: Outriders crossplay is currently broken, though a patch is expected next week that should fix the issue.

Once the fix is in place, you'll be pleased to know that Outriders fully supports crossplay, so you're free to team up with your friends on PC and console. It only takes a few seconds to switch on and off, and I found that it was actually enabled by default. That said, it's worth double-checking that your settings are correct before trying to jump into a game with your buddies.

Outriders crossplay: How to enable it

Unfortunately there are a few day-one bugs to contend with. At the time of writing, crossplay between PC and Console is currently broken. Steam players should have no problem matching with Epic players and PlayStation players will work with Xbox folk, but the two ecosystems don't quite mix right now. While you may not be disconnected immediately, it'll happen eventually. All we can do for now is wait for the patch.

In the meantime, here's how to enable crossplay in Outriders for when the developers fix it:

  • From the lobby menu, select Options (Z), choose the Gameplay tab, and scroll down until you see Enable Crossplay.
  • Head back to the main screen and choose Play With Friends on the right-hand side. This opens up your friends list and shows you who's online. You can also join a random team from this menu instead. 

If you want to host the lobby:

Click generate your game code and share the eight-character code with your buddies. 

If you want to join a friend's lobby: 

Ask your friend for their lobby code and select join a game using code to input the password and team up with your squad.

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Which platforms does Outriders crossplay support?

Outriders lets you play with squads of up to three players. Crossplay for Outriders is supported across:

  • PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)
  • PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One/Series S/Series X
  • Google Stadia

Does Outriders support cross progression?

If you played the demo, your progress will be carried over to the full game providing that you're playing on the same platform. One important thing to note is that Steam and the Epic Games Store are considered as two different platforms, meaning you cannot transfer your progress between them.

Your progress will be transferred automatically, so all the weapons and gear you've uncovered so far will be waiting in your inventory when you log in. Similarly, the skills and class points you've previously unlocked will also be accessible. Unfortunately, People Can Fly has not announced plans for cross progression just yet. It's unclear whether this feature will be added at a later date.

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