Indie platformer Gun Monkeys gets new trailer

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Multiplayer deathmatch platformer Gun Monkeys has a new trailer showing us just how vital monkeys, time travel, and cataclysmic energy sources are to the future of humanity. And it's all narrated by the dulcet tones of actor Kevin Eldon.

The amusing and colorful presentation of Gun Monkeys obscures a much darker backstory. The premise of game requires humanity to send a steady stream of monkeys into the future to harvest plentiful energy cubes that are the result of a successful—but genocidal—experiment with perpetual energy production. The new trailer gives us a look at a variety of levels, PvP gameplay, and plenty of deadly spinning saw blades that are sure to get in our way. One week on from Gun Monkeys' launch on Steam, the indie action title from BAFTA-winning (opens in new tab) developer Size Five Games is still available at 10% (opens in new tab) off.

Who knew that running a power company would require such sacrifice? Check out the new trailer below.